What Are The Causes of Inner Ear Problems On Summer?

What Are The Causes of Inner Ear Problems On Summer?

The fact that the temperatures are above the seasonal norms during the summer months increased the swimming pool and the sea to cool off. People with complaints of inner ear problems, pain, discharge, itching in the ear, and lack of hearing, should definitely apply to ear, nose and throat physicians.

Ear infection prevention, as well as treatment of ear infections, is a topic to be investigated. It is possible to prevent inner ear problems which are frequently seen especially in children. Here’s what you need to do to prevent inner ear problems …

What Is Inner Ear Infection?

It is an infection caused by various viruses, bacteria, and fungi holding labyrinth in the inner ear. It causes hearing loss and/ or balance disorder. Humming, ringing, nausea, and vomiting may also occur. Hearing loss and balance disorder are seen.

Infections such as cytomegalovirus, rubella, and syphilis during pregnancy, and mumps, measles, and syphilis after birth, bacterial meningitis, and chronic suppurative otitis media may cause inner ear inflammation.

 These factors can be detected in the newborn by some tests. Children and adults can be diagnosed by clinical examination, laboratory tests, and imaging methods.

People with the following conditions become more susceptible to inflammation of the inner ear:

  • Wegener’s granulomatosis and polyarteritis nodosa patients
  • Aspirin, furosemide-containing diuretics, people who use drugs such as phenytoin
  • Those with intense allergic reactions
  • Those who are exhausted for any reason
  • Smokers
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Those who experience intense stress
  • People with recent respiratory infections

Prolonged Stay In Water Makes The Problem Chronic!


Swimming for a long time in the pool or sea is another cause of inner ear problems. In particular, trying to remove water escaping to the ear with a cotton swab damages the oily layer. 

For those who stay in water for a long time, the external ear canal inflammation becomes chronic, the skin thickens and the ear canal narrows. The most important symptoms of external ear canal inflammation are; itching, pain, and subsequent hearing loss.  And these effects through the inner ear problems. Itching usually begins first, and subsequent severe pain becomes inevitable after a while. Patients often consult a physician when hearing impairment begins.

To protect from inner ear problems…

  1. Do not use pools with poor hygiene and low chlorine levels.
  2. Take a shower before and after leaving the pool.
  3. Do not stay in water for more than 30-40 minutes.
  4. Use water-repellent silicone plugs before entering the pool or sea.
  5. Keep the ear canal dry, do not use an ear stick when cleaning the ear, and do not attempt to remove earwax.

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