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Weight Loss Diet


Weight loss diet is something everyone wants to do but never actually work towards achieving. Exercising is the most common advice for losing weight, while weight loss diet is something closely associated with it. Would you believe that your diet is what contributes to 70% of your weight loss! Fancy exotic diet plans are often difficult to follow. Following are some simple weight loss diet plans that will help you lose weight significantly:

Weight Loss DietProtein Breakfast

The easiest and most effective way to lose weight is to add protein to your diet. Protein can suppress your appetite and stop you from over eating.

Drink Water

Drinking water half an hour before meals helps in making you feel full and you ultimately end up eating less. Also, drinking water has its own benefits and it’s highly recommended to keep ourselves hydrated.

Avoid Sugar

When you cut down on sugar your hunger levels reduce and you eventually eat less. Your body now starts feeding on stored fats. This helps a lot in weight loss.

Include Fiber

Fiber rich foods help in keeping our weight at bay. Wholegrain Cereals, Wheat Pasta, Oats, Barley, Broccoli, Pulses and Nuts are some of the fiber rich foods which we can consider including in our weight loss diet.

Drink Coffee/Tea

Yay! Tea and Coffee lovers you don’t have to worry about stopping or reducing your intake because the caffeine in them helps to boost your metabolism.

Reduce Carbs

Carbs can get you high on the scales almost immediately. Watch out on your carb intake and make sure you have them in limited portions. Rice , Potato, Bread, Milk, Yogurt and Curd and some carbs that you need to reduce in your weight loss diet plan.

Fruits and Veggies

Having a lot of fruits and veggies included in your diet is a very healthy way to work on your weight loss. Fruits and veggies are also the best snack that you can hog on when your hunger strikes.

Eat Frequently

Eating frequently at regular intervals helps in keeping you feeling full always. Nuts and fruits can be used as fillers in these frequent breaks. The aim is to never let yourself feel too hungry.


A recommended 8 – 10 minutes of body work out is mandatory. Walking helps in keeping you fresh and in good health while exercises help to reduce belly fat and keep you fit.

Sleep Well

Lack of sleep not only makes you gain more weight but has many risk factors associated with it. An average adult requires 7 to 8 hrs of good sleep. Sleeping well calms your mind and boosts your metabolism as well. So, sleep like a baby!

The first few days of your weight loss diet is going to make you feel strange and hungry. It takes time for your body to get used to not having too much carbs or sugar. But you can definitely feel more energetic and see significant results within a week.

Happy Dieting!


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