Water-Friendly Foods:6 Ways To Keep Fit With Water-Friendly Foods During The Hot Summer Months

Water-Friendly Foods:6 Ways To Keep Fit With Water-Friendly Foods During The Hot Summer Months

Summer; sun, sea, sand as well as thirst, weakness, nutrition problems, and brings with them the classic summer diseases. Nutrition with water and water-rich foods is vital in these days when we start to feel the burning sun rays. 

We want to enjoy the sun and the beautiful weather during the hot and sunny summer months, but the extremely hot weather combined with the high humidity can spoil it. Moreover, hot air threatens health if the necessary precautions are not taken. Nevertheless, it is possible to be healthy and energetic throughout the summer with a proper nutrition plan and adequate fluid intake. 

Water-Friendly Foods: Keep your distance with fat 

In order to sustain our daily lives, we must continue to take enough protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins in the summer to meet the needs of our body. However, eating excess fat in the summer can put the body in trouble. 

High blood pressure and other heart problems are the main problems. Fatty meals can also cause fatigue and headaches from nothing. In order to avoid these problems, it is enough to prefer boiled or grilled dishes instead of frying, avoiding extra oil at all times, for example, adding a teaspoon of olive oil after cooking.

Are you hungry? Drink Water

 The reason for our body sweating is that it tries to protect our heat balance against heat. But when the humidity increases with the heat, it becomes difficult to establish this balance. Sometimes even if we don’t feel sweating, our skin loses liquid by evaporation. Therefore it is important to drink water.

The ideal amount of water is not 2 liters for everyone.

The average amount of water we need to drink per day is about 30 ml per kilogram of body weight. For example, if our weight is 60, the amount of water we need is 60×30, that is 1800 ml. If we stay in a very hot or air-conditioned environment for a long time or engage in an exercise that will cause us to sweat a lot, this amount should be increased to 35-40 ml. Even the best is to drink water without waiting for our body to warn us.

Water-Friendly Foods: If you feel you are weak, consume mineral water and fruit and vegetables

With sweating, our body loses some electrolytes, such as sodium and chlorine. We need to replace these minerals and electrolytes as well as the fluid lost by excessive perspiration in heat, otherwise, we will still feel sluggish and tired even if we drink enough water. For this, unless your doctor specifies otherwise, 2 glasses of mineral water every day, throw a slice of lemon and drink cool; it is healthy to consume fresh green leafy vegetables and fruits, which are mineral stores for meals and snacks.

Water-Friendly Foods: Reduce tea, choose a soup

For those who are not like the water and cannot drink enough, drinking water becomes a grind, it is possible to get support from different liquids as well as water. However, it is not the right way to consume concentrated juice or excessive tea and coffee. These drinks may be good for us when consumed in a glass each day, but because of the diuretic effects, when consumed in excess can actually increase fluid deficiency. 

Also cream and so on. They may increase blood sugar due to additives and cause unnecessary caloric intake. Therefore, those who cannot drink enough water should drink mineral water, freshly squeezed fruit juice, buttermilk or cold soup; in particular, they need to consume some foods that we can call water reservoirs all day long.

Water-Friendly Foods: Beautify your cells with red fruits

In the summer, we also offer many water-friendly fruits. Melon and watermelon are excellent sources of liquids, but they also contain high levels of sugar. One or two slices of watermelon or melon at meals is enough to meet our liquid needs. 

Water-Friendly Foods are Red fruits, grapes, and peaches both contain high amounts of water and vitamins and minerals are antioxidant foods. 

When they eat too much, they carry the burden of sugar like every summer fruit, but when consumed carefully, they not only meet our water needs but also support our body from our immune system to our skin health.



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