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Stomach Ulcer Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment


Stomach Ulcer Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

The stomach is an important part of human body and it should be protected from any hindrance that can affect its function. Ulcers in any part of the human body are painful and are dangerous as well. The stomach ulcer is caused due to a decrease in the digestive fluid within the stomach. The major role of the fluids is to protect the muscles of the stomach from the acids when the fluid decreases in quantity it results in loss of muscles and finally ulcer come over that lost muscles.

Stomach Ulcer Symptoms Causes Diagnosis TreatmentStomach Ulcer Symptoms

Stomach ulcer symptoms should be considered well by the person as it cannot be seen. A stomach ulcer cannot be seen as it is an internal organ and has no sign on the outer skin. The major symptoms are heart burning, empty stomach for a long period of time, pain in stomach, not able to eat due to pain in stomach, bloating, anemia, burping, acidity, black vomiting, black stole, etc. All are related to stomach signaling the uneasiness due to an ulcer.

Stomach Ulcer Causes

A stomach ulcer can be caused due to bacterial infection or overdosing certain medicines. The drugs such as aspirin and ibuprofen can be one of the causes of stomach ulcer. Infections are a major cause of the ulcer. A human body is prone to many infections and should be caution enough to take a drink or eat something that is not a usual routine for their stomach to digest. In case you are detected with stomach ulcer than one should avoid eating food from a restaurant and should strictly avoid packed food and drinks.

Stomach Ulcer Diagnosis and Treatment

Firstly, it needs to be diagnosed by the doctor. The doctor can detect the ulcer through X-ray, they would give you a liquid to drink which is barium and if the ulcer is causing a problem in your stomach. It could be easily detected. Endoscopy and endoscopic biopsy can detect the ulcer in the stomach. Stomach ulcer symptoms must be shared with the doctor to whom you are referring to choose the correct way to diagnose the same. There are two ways to treat the disease, one is surgical and another is non-surgical. Both would be suggested in case of different symptoms. Non-surgical would include medicines that would be referred by the doctor to treat the ulcer. The second would be suggested by a doctor if the ulcer keeps on coming and is not being treated by the medicines.

The major role of the stomach is to digest the food and provide energy to the body. The stomach ulcer can affect intestines as well. One would never ignore the symptoms and should promptly refer a doctor in case of suffering. An untreated ulcer can adversely affect the whole body and especially the stomach muscles. Medicines prescribed by doctor must be taken religiously and in case of doctor suggest for surgery, the same must be done under the guidance of the expert. It should never be left on its own as it cannot heal without the help of a doctor.

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