Pregnancy Prevention: Medical Protection Methods

Pregnancy Prevention: Medical Protection Methods

Contraceptive methods that use of oral contraceptives, oral contraceptives,  condom use spiral needle, such as implants and sterilization procedures for prevention from pregnancy are available. We tried to find out which of these methods are used to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Prevention of Pregnancy

These methods also involve the risk of the most widely used ejaculation method. Because before the ejaculation of the penis inside the pleasure water from the healthy sperm can be found and they can reach the uterus can lead to pregnancy.

However, the most reliable methods are medical protection methods such as birth control pills, condom use, and needle.

It is doing an average of 1.5 million births per year in Turkey and made about 5 thousand abortions. It is stated that 36 percent of Turkish people do not use contraception, 28 percent prefer traditional contraception methods such as calendar and withdrawal.

Pregnancy Prevention with spiral 

Stressing that the risk of infertility is twice as high in spiral users, experts reported that their use in women who do not give birth to any children has been discussed. Experts, without children, anemic patients, those with long menstruation, menstruating menstruation and women who fall spontaneously pointed out that the spiral should choose carefully.

Pregnancy Prevention with  Birth Control Pills 

Birth control pills are one of the most used contraception methods used by women. Moreover, the failure rate is very low as 0.2.

Experts say that the use of birth control pills also prevents diseases such as uterine cancer. But on the contrary, the likelihood of having breast cancer may increase. It is therefore important that your doctor selects the pill.

Pregnancy Prevention with  Needles 

In the use of 3-month needles, experts say that it is beneficial for decreasing genital diseases and 98% benefit in pregnancy prevention. It is also known that the needle method supports the menopause and the disappearance of bleeding.

Preventing Pregnancy with  Implants 

Another method of prevention during pregnancy is implants placed under the skin. Experts say it has been recently manufactured in single rod-containing implants and is safe. According to recent researches, implant method has not resulted in any failure so far, which is the most effective way of prevention in birth control methods.

Preventing Pregnancy by Neutering

Prevention of contraception is preferred by neutering method, which is applied more to women 30 years and older. Because before this age, divorce is more likely in marriages, and the person who will choose it must make a very good decision because the user who chooses this method should know that there is no return, and he should understand it well.

In order to prevent unwanted pregnancies,  we hope that the information we have given you about the most modern and reliable birth control and prevention methods of our age has been useful.