Migraine and what is the main Symptons

Migraine and what is the main Symptons

The main symptom of migraine is severe headache. This pain can occur on one or both side of head and when the person moves, it becomes worse. As well as severe headache, it is accompanied by vomitting, nausea and extreme sensitiviyt to sound, light, smells. This attacks can be so severe that it prevents people’s daily activities.

The symptoms of it vary from person to person. Attacks may differ in lenght and frequency and they can last from hours to day. This headache have can be major effects on people’s work and social lives.

Symptoms of Migraine

Symptoms usually associated with migraine:

Feeling sick
Abdominal Pain
Excessive sensitivity to sound and light, that is why most people with it want to rest in quiet and dark place.

It can usually progress in 4 stages: Prodrome, aura, attack and postdrome. But not everyone with migraines goes through every stage.


A few days before it, people might notice some changes that warn of an upcoming migraine attack:

Mood changes,
Neck stiffness,
Frequent yawning,


Some people with migraine have temporary symptoms known as aura before attacks.

For example:
Visual problems such as vision loss, seeing flashing lights, pins and needles in arm or leg
Difficulty speeking


An attack can last from 4 hours to 3 days if untreated. The frequency of it also vary from person to person. During a migraine attack, people feel moderate severe pain on one side of his head, but often on both sides. Other symptoms including throbbing sensation, Nausea, Vomiting.


There is currently no treatment for this headache but if you have symptoms of migraine, keep records of attacks and make an appointment with a doctor.

What Causes Migraine?

There is no exact cause for migraine. Most people with it are genetically predisposed to it. But there are some triggers such as stress, alcohol, lack of sleep.


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