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Microblading Eyebrows: What is microblading eyebrows?


Our eyes are perfectly tucked in place to give us the beautiful faces that keep our shoulders high as we stroll around town. The lashes, brows and eyeballs, by all means, are top rating cosmetic assets. It is needless to overthink the reason why the buzz around lengthy lashes and thin eyebrows have survived through the generations. The beauty they bring is addictive. Notwithstanding, we can never get satisfied until there are better ways to keep faces blossoming. Guess what! Microblading comes to the rescue, for lovers of thick eyebrows.

Microblading EyebrowsIt was often thought that the brows had no use beyond cosmetics. However, lovers of brows might find solace in the revelation that, brows are actually responsible for diverting sweat dripping from the forehead away from the eyes. If you rarely get the burning sensation from sweat entering the eyes, even though your face is sweating profusely, you have your brows to thank. Afterall, thick eyebrows are not as useless as popular notion touts it. Thick eyebrows have become more desirable as the days have passed by and the erstwhile confidence with thin eyebrows will probably hit a rock sooner than we realize.


What is microblading eyebrows?

The name might be frightening…Well! I am yet to see something that is fun that has to do with blade. Often, the end gets to justify the means. So, where do I fix microblading? It is probably the exception as experts say. It is a simple procedure that is not meant to sting because the area will be numbed, and it will take just a few hours to go through.


Microblading is a procedure that involves inserting pigment to fill up left out areas of hair growth in the brows. It is a manual process and thus you can rely on the humanity of the cosmetician to treat you right. Its greatest attractiveness yet, is its semi-permanence. You do not have to get stuck with these new pigments forever if you do not want to. It is made to last for about 1 – 3 years. It simply fades away and you have your natural eyebrows back.


Is it difficult to maintain?

Whilst cosmetic treatments often put you on strict rules, microblading treatments promise relative  independence from daily routines. However, it is important to maintain dryness for about two weeks following the procedure. According to an expert, clients often need just a review after the main procedure to get everything finalized. Afterwards, the freedom gets bountiful requiring only bi-weekly corrections on the pigment in some cases.


How expensive is it?

Great things are often great for every other thing but the pockets. You should expect a significant investment for its worth and trendiness. A minimum of $500 is a good expectation to begin with. However, prices vary with providers.


Can things go wrong with appearance?

You can expect that occasionally, things might not end up the way you expect. Estheticians are only humans. Notwithstanding, experts say if best practices are adhered to, many mishaps can be easily corrected. You can expect excess pigmentation, bothering asymmetries among others to be corrected easily.


Are there side effects?

Cosmetic treatments are often notorious for unwanted effects and microblading is not an exception.

Since it involves the use of blade and needles to cut through the skin, improper care can leave the brows at the mercy of infections.It can also provide for good transmission of HIV and other infectious diseases that thrive with blood contact. The aesthetician should be particular about infection control else things can get ugly.

Some people may also develop allergies in reaction to the pigments. Different people react to different things and this may have nothing to do with the expertise of the provider.



Microblading can be fun or not, depending on your expectations and experiences. This is a jumpstart for you. Be sure you do a thorough research on your esthetician and the center. Happy searching!…Well, if you are convinced already, then Happy microblading!

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