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Lymph Nodes in Neck Symptoms, Causes and Treatment


Lymph Nodes in Neck  are the fighter of the body that fight against bacterial attacks or any other attack on human body. There are two types of blood cells in human body, one is white blood cells and another is red blood cells. White blood cells are the real army of a human body that protects the human body and fight against any sort of attacks. Lymph nodes store them and circulate throughout the lymphatic system.

They are located at different parts of human body like neck, jaw, groin, armpit, collarbone, etc.


Lymph Nodes in Neck Symptoms, Causes and Treatment


Lymph nodes in neck can be detected as swollen when you notice certain symptoms along with a pear-shaped ball that causes pain when touched. Along with that out-break you will notice fever, cold, sinus, sudden weight loss, coughing, running nose, chills, etc. These symptoms are alarmin clock for the people who are constantly falling ill and there is no factual reason to suffer for. Undiagnosed disease can further harm the body adversely. It is better to be safe than being sorry.


Various causes that result into swollen Lymph node in neck ear infection, HIV infection, infection in throat, teeth infection, etc. There could a serious cause for such a node like cancer and one should get it detected as soon as they notice the symptoms mentioned above. The possibility of Lymphoma (Lymph Cancer) can be seen through the swollen lymph nodes all over the body. In certain cases, the chances of survival decrease. It can also be due to sexually transmitted diseases and would be limited to groin area. The causes are many but one should not conclude it to be something without properly diagnosing.


The correct way to treat it is by consulting a doctor. Your doctor would recommend an antibiotic to decrease the impact on the lymph node on neck. The doctor may ask you for the various diagnostic test such as X-Ray, MRI, CT scan, Ultrasound, etc. Further the doctor may ask for biopsy of the lymph. In case it’s just a swollen lymph and no other symptoms are attracted then it would decrease with time. The medication should be as per the doctor only, usually doctors recommend aspirins or ibuprofens. Lymph node on neck can be treated easily if it is not cancer and the biopsy report come out clean.

Lymph nodes are integral part of a human body and the any disturbance in their system should be quickly detected by an expert. The causes and the symptoms must be observed on regular basis and the treatment should not be done without the consultation of doctor. Any sort of abnormality in human body must not be ignored. It should be properly detected and treated. Proper functioning of every organ is important whether it is internal or external. The indications given by human body must be noted and should never be ignored.

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