How to Use the Birth Control Pill ?

How to Use the Birth Control Pill ?

Birth control pills are used to prevent unwanted pregnancy and to treat some diseases.

Birth control pills are used to regulate the number of menstrual bleeding, reduce the amount of menstrual bleeding in anemia patients, reduce menstrual pain, reduce premenstrual symptoms, reduce postmenopausal complaints, reduce cyst formation in the ovaries, and reduce the risk of endometrial cancer. To show the effect of these pills; The regular and correct use of pills depends on the factor. It is important to consult a doctor before using the contraceptive pill.

For some women, the use of a contraceptive pill is not appropriate.

How to use contraceptive pills with a wide range of uses, apart from being protected from pregnancy?

• Menstruation is expected to occur in order to start using the contraceptive pill.

• On the day when the menstrual bleeding occurs, the pill is used.

• For 21 days, the contraceptive pill is used at the same time.

• Only 7 days of birth control pills are not allowed.

• After a few days have passed, the menstrual bleeding will occur.

• The birth control pill, which cannot be used for 7 days, is continued on the 8th day.

• The newly introduced contraceptive pill is used for 21 days, just like the previous pill. In this way, the use continues.

• Some birth control pills are 28 tablets instead of 21. The last 7 pills in these birth control pills correspond to a 7-day break in the 21-tablet pill. 7 tablets in 28 tablets of birth control pills do not contain hormones.

• The pill can be taken at the desired time. What is important here is to be careful about taking the pill at the same time every day.

• Birth control pill, which is started on the first day of menstruation, shows the protective effect.

The use of birth control pills according to the number of days written on the pills is not to be forgotten. Care should be taken against side effects. For this reason, the person should use birth control pills within the knowledge of the doctor, not on her own initiative. The birth control pill should not be forgotten. Otherwise, the drug loses its protective effect and results in unintended pregnancy.


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