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Exciting Sex Positions Worth Trying


Sex keeps your love life quite interesting particularly when a couple takes time and learn what works for them. The main secret towards achieving sweet, prolonged and satisfying sex is keeping it simple during the first time makes it sweeter. One thing that most people fail to understand is the fact that the complicated acrobatics that people try in bed might just distract you from enjoying and experiencing the sensations. For instance, when you are almost to climax, opting for a simple sex position will definitely help you get there.

Sex positions influence your sex life and best sex positions only works for individuals who are free to one another and are ready to share your sexual experience and try new things such as the eagle. This is one of the sweetest ways of posing in between the act as your partner slides his tongue down there for a damn cool oral pose. The person receiving the pleasure will definitely go out of options and just lie down there as they enjoy the sensation. A sex wedge pillow can be placed below the hips of the receiver for proper angling as well as positioning the neck of the giver.

When having sex, the main concern of all partners is reaching organism. Some people may achieve a quick fix leaving their partners yearning for more. Go for gentle sex positions that will facilitate this activity methodically and sensationally. For instance, why can’t you go for cowgirl style? With the girl on top and fully in charge of squeezing as well as releasing the kegel muscles, you will leave to enjoy your sex life. This particular sex position is flexible and offers endless options such as bending a bit and giving him a kiss as you roll your boobs against his chest as well as sitting up and squeezing your bottoms against his hard dick.

Opting for sex positions that go a long way to satisfying each other in bed is very important especially in keeping a love life. For instance, the missionary sex position, this is one of the most common styles that newbies start with. Even though it is common and most people would opt for other styles, it can be spiced up and achieve the most romantic and sensational sex experience. Most men always want to go deeper and have their dick touch that soft part hence through this style, the girl is required to put a sex wedge pillow below her butt and raise her legs towards her neck so that the man can go deeper. There is nothing as sweet as such a moment in a lifetime!

Another fabulous sex position that helps both of you reach orgasm satisfactorily is table for two. This one works best with a kitchen table that has a height of a man’s waist. Let the girl lie of the table and pull her butt towards the edge. The man thrusts into her in between her legs. The girl can raise one of her legs and let it rest on the man’s neck as the man holds on her butt for leverage. This is a must try sex position that will make you year for more and more of it.


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