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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Signs


Early pregnancy (before the 6th week).

The positivity of the pregnancy test is caused by the HCG hormone, which is essentially a control hormone. Its production starts at implantation, so usually a week after the bleeding (two weeks after fertilization), the test becomes positive a week. Signs usually occur for the first 15 to 20 days after conception, so in practice at the time of serial bleeding. He knew that the fetus was biologically in contact with her mother.

The first real sign may be the lack of bleeding or delay. If the morning revival temperature is above 37 degrees, it is a good sign.

Early pregnancy symptomsThe general symptoms of pregnancy are classic: feeling worse, tingling, morning nausea, feeling full-bodied (as if at any moment …). In early pregnancy, the abdominal pain causes this symptom. But they are not specific. Signs of pregnancy can be a constant feeling of hunger, but this should not be interpreted as a gestational sign.

The pregnant uterus is already in the initial stage of growth push the blister base, there is an underlying blood volume, so it is true that urination is one of the pregnancy signs.

The fact is that the ultrasound examination performed after 1-2 weeks of bleeding is absent. It may be laconic, but in my opinion it is a pregnancy that can be ultrasonically displayed.

The ultimate advantage of ultrasound is that, unlike the test, the site of embedding can be found: it is not at all a matter of being in the uterus … The detectability often depends on days and in general 23-26 days after conception (!) effective. The booklet is well-endowed with proven fetal heart function (around 6 weeks, so two weeks after bleeding failure).

It is increasingly common for women to recognize their pregnancy and premature birth early in their early stages. This is an early stage of medical or surgical abortion, safe and effective from a medical point of view. The simpler and less affected side effects are the earliest. The following factors must be taken into account, and after a week, the check test must be completed.


What should be considered during early pregnancy?

Before week 6 there is small chance that it is not recognizable by the low tone test. Therefore, it can not be established that the length of the holster is embedded: within the uterus, for example, in a fallopian tube (very rarely).

Although it is very rare in pregnancy, it is important to recognize it because:

  • it poses a serious risk to the woman and therefore needs to be recognized and treated promptly
  • neither pharmacological nor surgical abortions disappear, but only through a special surgical intervention or a special drug (Methotrexat). Ectopic pregnancy is an increasingly strong and lasting pain in the left or right of the abdomen. If these symptoms occur, consult a physician immediately and request an examination

A very early aesthetics, which can not be stopped by an ultrasound test, a hCG hormone can be detected in the blood or urine. One week after the intervention, another ultrasound test or an hCG test should be performed. One hCG control can take a week to pass a week with a special urine test. This is a security measure, whether or not you want to break the pregnancy.

A significant decrease in hCG hormone after an abortion shows that pregnancy has ceased. No further controls are required unless other complaints (strong bleeding, pains, etc.) will occur.

In the event that the hormone level of hCG has increased or remained unchanged for one week after a single intervention, this indicates that it is outside of the uterus. In this case, an ultrasound examination shall be carried out to determine whether pregnancy exists in the uterus or the uterus. The results of the test are required for further examinations or treatments.

In the case of monitoring of hormone levels in hCG, very early premature pain can be considered a very effective and safe procedure.

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