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Dash Diet: The Best Diet for Your Health


An easy diet plan that you can follow to reduce extra weight and consequently will prevent you from many diseases is The Dash Diet Plan. This is a healthy diet plan recommended by the dieticians to improve health. The association of this diet plan is with lowering the risk of various diseases as cancer, stroke, heart diseases, osteoporosis, diabetes and kidney stones. Low fat and plant based diet that constitutes of vegetables, fruits, nuts, lean meats, grains and all the healthy fats that are good for heart. To quench your hunger you will fill yourself up with all the delicious fruits, protein based food and vegetables.

Dash diet can easily be adapted by following the below rules

  • More fruit and vegetables should be eaten
  • Exchange whole grains with the refined one
  • Low fat and fat free dairy products should be selected
  • Lean protein must be added to diet
  • Vegetable oil should be used while cooking
  • Avoid foods with additional sugar
  • The intake of food that is very high in saturated fats i.e. coconut oil, full fat dairy and palm oil should be in limited use
  • Avoid caffeinated drinks and beverages

Age factor and physical activity are taken into account while figuring out your calorie needs. Physical activity has an impact on the intake of your calories. The more you do the activity, the more you can burn those calories and hence you can maintain your current weight. So you have to be careful during the intake of the calories. Take the calories depending upon your activity. For reduction of weight, less calories should be taken or otherwise increase your activity level.

For instance, you can be active, active on moderate level or less active;

  • If you daily do some physical activity and walk for about 3 miles to 4 miles a day you are active
  • If you do little bit of physical activity and walk 1 mile to 2 miles a day you are at moderate level
  • If you are less active and do very light physical activity as part of your daily routine

People with high blood pressure are recommended for the dash diet. It is proven to reduce the blood pressure. The diet plan rich in fruits and vegetables is highly effective to decrease the hypertension. Low moderate fat diet that is high in fiber and rich in calcium, potassium and magnesium is the DASH diet.

It is advised in this diet plan to minimize the intake of sodium from your diet and eat fiber rich foods. It is lifelong method which is specifically designed for people having hypertension. Within a period of two weeks an evident reduction level can be noticed in the blood pressure level.

This kind of diet is very easy to follow and maintain. Depending on your daily calorie need you will have to take the food. One has to consider many factors while starting this kind of diet. The Dash Diet is proved to improve the overall health of a person.

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