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Colon Cancer Symptoms: The Importance of Early Detection


Colon Cancer Symptoms: The Importance of Early Detection

The human body is designed in such a way that cells die and regenerate. However, there are situations whereby a unit of cells in the body regenerate and mutate into a cancerous growth, causing harm to the life of the concerned patient. There is no doubt that colon cancer has been one of the leading causes of deaths in the entire world, especially among blacks. The causes can also be linked to diet, heredity or lifestyle.

Colon Cancer SymptomsApparently, the early signs of colon cancer can be traced to the gradual growth of polyps in the colon. So, whenever a person experiencing discomfort around the abdominal area, a series of diagnosis need to be conducted to ascertain the chances of a cancerous growth in the colon.

As a matter of fact, it is expedient that you take priority in looking out for the state of your health especially when you are black. There are colon cancer symptoms which you can watch out for at a very early to help you stand a good chance in defeating cancer. These symptoms are discussed below.

Weight loss

One of the major signs of colon cancer symptoms is a sudden drop in weight. Have you been sent into the mood of not completing your three-course meals in a day? Are you easily nauseated by the picture of food? Here are some of the signs that show that a person is in need of a checkup. Therefore, a quick diagnosis can reveal the causes of the sudden drop in weight and unexplained loss of appetite.


Another red flag for colon cancer symptom is extreme fatigue. Have you been noticing that you feel tired all of a sudden, coupled with the fact that your muscles are becoming tender? This could be a warning sign of the early stages of a cancerous growth and the ideal thing to do is run a diagnosis to ascertain the true state of the illness.

Blood loss

Have you been losing blood consistently whenever you visit the toilet? If this symptom has been ongoing for months without a stop, you need to turn yourself in for a diagnosis to check for traces of a cancerous growth in your abdomen.

Abdominal discomfort

A long period of abdominal discomfort is a susceptible sign of colon cancer. Have you been experiencing pain around your abdominal region and you find it hard to be at ease? Seeing a doctor can help you ascertain your condition, knowing if a diagnosis will reveal whether you have strains of cancerous cells in your colon.

Having shown these early signs of these symptoms and diagnosis have revealed that you have colon cancer, you can begin treatment either by surgery or chemotherapy. Another method which can be used in treating colon cancer is by radiation, but there are side effects to this method. However, you can adopt a good lifestyle to ensure that you reduce the chances of causing a cancerous growth in your body. Eating fiber, exercising regularly, and maintaining a healthy weight may not put you at the risk of getting diagnosed with colon cancer.

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