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Brain Tumor Disease, Symptoms, Causes and Treatment


Brain tumors are an abnormal growth of tissue or cells that can start to impair brain function. Brain tumor symptoms vary and can cause much stress and grief.

Doctors label tumors based upon where this growth started and whether or not the tumor is malignant (cancerous) or benign.

Brain tumors are divided into the following; benign, malignant, primary, secondary (metastatic). Benign being the lesser in terms of danger and aggression. Malignant tumors contain cancer cells. Primary tumors are when the tumors begin within the brain itself, or sometimes the spine. Secondary are when cancers have formed within another part of the body and have moved or spread, these being the most common form of brain tumor.

brain-tumor-disease-Symptoms-Causes-TreatmentThere are many different types of brain and central nervous system tumors. They form from many different kinds of cells, different areas and mostly have different treatment options.

Brain tumor symptoms vary greatly with people experiencing a wide range of ill affects. The symptoms of a brain tumor depend on the location of the tumor itself. As you can imagine, different parts of the brain have different functions therefore when an area experiences the pressure of a tumor around it this area will start to respond oddly or act differently/incorrectly. Sometimes there can be no symptoms at all.

Brain Tumor Symptoms

  • Impaired vision
  • Seizures
  • Recurrent headaches
  • Issues with short term memory
  • Lack of coordination
  • Loss of control of speech or slurring

People have been known to suddenly find out they have a large tumor in their head when they just went to see their GP about a bad headache that won’t go away. Some have found that they suddenly lost vision in one eye only to find that they have a tiny abnormal growth of cells within their brain.

Brain Tumor Causes

Most cancers are caused through exposure to something that damages DNA, for example tobacco smoke is a risk for lung cancer. Although many causes are cited in the media there are no definite and clear answers to that question, other than inherit genealogical factors or damage to the DNA through exposure. People with HIV or AIDS are around twice as likely to be diagnosed brain tumors.

If you are experiencing brain tumor symptoms please visit your GP for a check up.

Brain Tumor Treatment

As there are many different types of brain tumor there are also many forms of treatment. These are defined by; the size, type and grade of the tumor. Is it putting pressure on a vital part of the brain? Has the tumor spread to other parts of the body? And the patients own preferences and health.

The main forms of treatment are surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy. More and better refined surgeries have allowed for a much greater success rate in treating brain tumors within the operating theatre, which is generally preferred. Using cortical mapping, fluorescent dyes and imaging great advances have been made. Radiation therapy is the use of high energy x-rays to destroy the tumor or slow it’s growth. Chemotherapy is the use of drugs to terminate the cancer, usually ending its ability to grow.

15 out of 100 people with brain tumors will survive for five years or more after being diagnosed.

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