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Best Woman Fitness Plan


As a woman, the best way to keep our life more beautiful is having a nice body. It does not only help us more confident, it also helps us keep happiness for our family.  Nowadays, lots of women decide to use diet pills which cause many harms to their body; especially the heart and kidney. Most of them do not know that using the weight loss pills and supplements do not bring them a lasting result like workout or healthy diet recipes. It is very easy for us to find any woman fitness plans on the internet, but which is the best woman fitness plan for yourself?

No matter what kinds of fitness centers that you join and do you have your own personal trainer or not? You must ask or prepare for yourself the best woman fitness plan. If your budget does not allow for you to hire a private personal trainer, this is the sample exercises for your first two weeks workout as a new trainer.

Before starting any workouts, you should take at least 10 minutes to warm-up your body. These exercises will help you prevent some unexpected injuries for your body and muscles.

Best Woman Fitness Plan

Best Woman Fitness Plan

  1. Squat

Woman SquatSquat will be one of the first exercises that you should take as a new trainer. This exercise is known as the best exercise for your best woman fitness plan at the beginning. As a woman, squat does not only help you increase your hormone, it also supports you in improving your muscle strengths and burn calories effectively.

  1. Standing Palms – In Dumbbell Press

Standing Palms

Whether you are a female or male, in order to take any muscles exercise, it is very important that you must strengthen your shoulder muscles. Besides of helping you have a beautiful arm, it also helps to reduce the injuries which are caused by the weak muscles. As a woman, you should do V raise, kick back, tricep extension or shoulder press with 2 to 5 kilos quintals depend on your body.

  1. Led Extension

Led Extension Women

This is another exercise that you should put in your best woman fitness plan and do it in all weeks. It helps improve your thigh muscles and reduce the fat in your thigh. If you are worried and do not want to do with a leg extension machine in the first week, you can do Forward Lunge or Pulse and Stand Squats. These two workouts will help to burn the fat on your thighs and make it more tightly.

  1. Incline Dumbbell Flyes

Incline Dumbbell Flyes Women

As a woman, you should take this workout with an incline dumbbell flye machine. In fact, you can do it with quintal after the first 2 or 3 weeks when your shoulder and upper arm muscles are improved. This is the best exercise to burn the fat under your arm and strengthen the upper arm muscles.

These are the four main exercises that you should take in the first two weeks. In order to bring the best results for your best woman fitness plan, you should do it 3 days per week and follow the healthy diet recipes. For those who want to diet, you must know that do not go to a gym center every day because you must let your muscles rest in order to not cause any worse injuries.

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