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Best Weight Loss Pills


There are many ways to weight loss pills, however weight loss pills are sought after because they are much easier for people to follow in their busy lifestyle. These weight loss pills help you lose weight and works more effectively when combined with other weight loss methods. Selecting a truly effective good weight loss pill can be a substantial challenge because there are several brands and the internet and advertising can trick you into buying the wrong one. Below are some tried and tested good weight loss pills that one can consider before buying:

Best Weight Loss Pills


This weight loss pill is made up of natural ingredients and can reduce hunger and increase metabolism. It also helps in maintaining health cholesterol, boost serotonin and reduce blood pressure. People have lost significant amount of weight in a short time. This one is highly recommended.

Brilliant Garcinia Cambogia

This weight loss pill contains Garcinia Cambogia, which is a tropical fruit in Indonesia, in its pure form without any unnecessary ingredients. This is a product of USA in a GMP, FDA approved facility. A GMP certification usually implies that the product is made without impurities and contamination. Increasing the level of serotonin in the brain makes you feel less hungry and this pill helps to achieve that.


Being one of the most popular weight loss supplements, Hydroxycut has been around for almost a decade. It contains several plant extracts along with caffeine which can increase anxiety, tremors, nausea and irritability, if you are sensitive to its ingredients. One study showed that it was possible to lose almost 10kgs in a span of 3 months with this pill.


This is a weight loss pill that helps to reduce the intake of dietary fats. It’s a prescription drug available only by the recommendation of a doctor. This pill is intended only for short term use and mostly requires an exercise plan and weight loss diet to see good weight loss results. It removes undigested fats via bowel movements and has some side effects associated with it.


This pill is the No.1 prescribed medication for weight loss. It’s a combination of an antidepressant and appetite reducing drug. Diet and exercise is required in minimal amount for this drug to have good effect for weight loss. Since it’s a prescription drug, it’s available only on doctor’s recommendation.  This drug helps in relieving addictions, however with side effects like nausea, anxiety, insomnia, hallucinations and dizziness.


These are the best weight loss pills that one can consider if you want to lose weight. While this may seem the easiest way to lose weight, be assured that you read the precautions and after effects before you start your course. A good diet with wholegrain, fresh vegetables, legumes and a decent workout is always recommended as they are natural ways to lose weight.

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