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Benefits of Anal Sex


Benefits of Anal Sex

Anal Sex is a big misconception about sex that categorizes it as kind of odious, dirty and something only sluts do. But from the medical point of view, doctors have found many anal sex benefits and it is safe if you take the necessary precautions like condoms, lubes etc. Also, sex isn’t for everyone and surprisingly men are found to be more interested towards sex than women due to lots of reasons. Many women prefers anal play due to rich nerve supply & more sensitivity at the anus and also due to pregnancy issues. At the same time many women turned off by sex due to fear of soiling themselves. But if you are feeling suspicious about whether or not to engage in anal play, then here are some surprising anal sex benefits that we think worth highlighting.

Benefits of Anal Sex

  • As you know sex in general involves exercise that helps in energizing the antibodies of your body. So it will going to boost your immune system and keep you healthy.


  • Anal sex is great for your bowel (intestine regions) movements, which keeps you healthy. This is due to the increased activity and blood flow in that region which helps your bowels get moving.


  • In general many men prefers anal sex over vaginal sex because anus is tighter and gives more pleasure. Not only just pleasure, it also gives them a feeling of being powerful and dominant which is their primal instinct.


  • Anal sex is really pleasurable for the women because of the anus has more nerve endings surrounding it and directly with in it. As the G-spot can still be reached, women can have orgasm through anal penetration alone.


  • Research have been stated that anal sex increases intimacy between partners. This is because couples need a significant amount of trust on each other before anal sex can happen. When the man wants anal play and the women complies, he feels closer to her as she is doing something for his pleasure.


  • Anal sex eliminates the fear of pregnancy, because sperm cannot come out of the anus and finds its way to vagina. So men get to finish inside women, which all love to do. Also, this will minimize the use of condoms for those who hates to use them.


  • When a man finishes inside a woman, it affects her in many ways like reduces anxiety, improves quality of sleep, and improves mental alertness. Newer research has shown that semen discharged in the anus has the similar effect as in the vagina. Semen exuded in the anus has the ability to increase woman’s sexual desire, improves quality of sleeping and act as a natural pain reducer.


  • If you feel like your sex life has been rather boring, anal sex definitely can make things fun and new again. Anal sex is extremely helpful for a long-term relationship and it will certainly spice things up a bit. It is a perfect way to introduce something different to the sex life that you never tried before.


  • Anal sex is a fantastic alternative to period sex because many women don’t want to have sex during their menstrual period. So, by taking sexual activities to the back, you need not worry about your periods.

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