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Bacterial Vaginosis Disease, Symptoms, Causes And Treatment


Bacterial Vaginosis

Another fabulous sex position that helps both of you reach orgasm satisfactorily is table for two. This one works best with a kitchen table that has a height of a man’s waist. Let the girl lie of the table and pull her butt towards the edge. The man thrusts into her in between her legs. The girl can raise one of her legs and let it rest on the man’s neck as the man holds on her butt for leverage. This is a must try sex position that will make you year for more and more of it. In any pre-existing organ within the human anatomy, we can’t deny the existence of good and bacteria. While some bacteria highly contribute to the overall wellness of the human, it is also hard to deny the fact that the majority of the bacteria population is highly responsible for bringing maladies and sicknesses to human beings.

This is without exception to the existence of bacteria on one of the human’s most sensitive and confidential part: the reproductive system. In this juncture, the article will discuss the proliferans of bad bacteria on the female vagina that causes a so-called Bacterial Vaginosis Disease.

Bacterial Vaginosis Disease is generally defined as the inflammation of the vaginal area in females due to suspected abnormal growth in number of bad bacteria in the aforementioned region, causing an abnormal balance in the natural state of the vaginal environment.

Some of the most notable symptoms of the Bacterial Vaginosis Disease are some discoloration in the release of vaginal fluid, oftentimes seen as a greenish or grayish discharge. Other notable symptoms are the frequent itching of the vaginal region, oftentimes linked in the outer skin part of the vagina; recognizable foul odor of the vaginal region due to bacterial growth; and a seemingly burning sensation during urination, probably due to the contact of the urine to the inflamed part of the vagina due to the Bacterial Vaginosis Disease.

It is said to believe that the Bacterial Vaginosis Disease is caused majorly by females engaging in unprotected sex, where probable foreign small objects attached in the male’s penis could irritate the natural state of the vagina; the usage of unclean old condoms; wherein the expiration of the latex in the condom can also play a major part in irritating the vaginal soft skin; and lastly the frequency of using the douching; wherein females often use homemade or commercial vaginal washes to cure foul odor in their vaginas.

The Bacterial Vaginosis Disease poses a lot of risks among women that includes in premature birth to their future babies due to the lack of good bacteria to attain balance in the uterus; the spread of sexually-transmitted diseases to their sexual partner in the advent they would not practice the aspect of protected sex; and worse, it can totally infect the other soft-skinned parts of the female reproductive system, and may suffer in bacterial inflammation.

There is no definitive way to cure Bacterial Vaginosis Disease, but it can be totally prevented by consulting a doctor for antibiotic prescriptions. Usually, it may come in a form of cream where the patient is to apply the antibiotic cream liberally into her vagina in a duration of 5-7 days. Other forms of prevention include the practice of protected sex to your sexual partner, minimizing the frequent use of vaginal douching, and also practice the usage of unscented and mild tampons and soaps for intimate care cleansing.

In general, the occurrence of the Bacterial Vaginosis Disease is only due to the malpractice of sexual activity and misunderstanding of the general aspect of intimate care cleansing. However, with the right amount of prevention and practice of proper intimate care cleansing, there is a lower chance that Bacterial Vaginosis Disease could ever affect you once again.


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