Alzheimer’s Disease and about Treatment

Alzheimer’s Disease and about Treatment

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common type of dementia and irreversible brain disorder. It characterized by a gradual decrease in brain function, affects one’s memories, daily lives and mental abilities. Alzheimer’s, which is a physical disease and affects the brain, is named after Alois Alzheimer. Alois Alzheimer is the doctor who first described it.

The brain has a billion of nerve celles that connect to each other. İn this disease connection between cells are lost. This is because proteins accumulate and form abnormal structures called ‘plaques’ and ‘tangles’. There are also chemicals in the brain that help send signals between cells. People with Alzheimer’s have less some of these chemicals in their brain.

Sign and Symptom Of Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer is a progressive brain disorder, which means the symptoms are generally develop gradually. The main sign of Alzheimer’s is mild memory problems. For example, forgetting about recent events, names of places or objects. Alzheimer’s symptoms get worse over time and start to affect person’s daily life. People with it may repeat questions again and again. They may forget conversations, events or appointments. The ability to make reasonable decisions decline day by day. For example, a person may wear clothes which are inappropriate for the weather.

The other symptoms;

Difficulty in planning
Get lost in familiar places,
Have difficulty in finding the right words to express thought.
Forget a friend’s name
Lose items like key
Trouble understanding visual images

Changes in behaviour:

Distrus in others,
Becoming aggressive,


There’s no cure for Alzheimer’s right now, but there’s a lot to make a person with it live well such as drug, non-drug treatment and activities. Current Alzheimer’s drugs can help relieve memory symptoms and other cognitive changes. Psychological treatments may also help support your thinking skills, problem solving ability and language skills.


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