Allergic Rhinitis, Causes and Symptoms

Allergic Rhinitis, Causes and Symptoms

Allergic rhinitis is an allergic response to certain allergens as the body perceive them as harmful substances. This nasal inflammation is triggered by certain allergens like pollen, dust or mould. Pollen is the most common allergen. Seasonal allergic rhinitis symptoms occur with the change of season. It can also be triggered by allergens found in the home such as pet hair or dander, dust mites and mold.

Symptoms Of Allergic Rhinitis

It often causes cold-like symptoms, such as sneezing, blocked or runny nose and itching. Common symptoms of it:
Runny nose
Stuffy Nose
İtchy nose
Red or watery eyes
Scratchy throat

Symptoms usually starts shortly after exposure to the allergen. And some people only get it for a few months because they are susceptible to seasonal allergens such as pollen. While other people get allergic rhinitis all year round. Mild symptoms can be easily treated. But for some people, symptoms may be severe and affect their daily life.

What Causes Allergic Rhinitis?

When the body is exposed to an allergen, it relases histamine to protect the body from allergens. Histamine can cause it and symptoms including sneezing, runny and suffy nose, watery eyes.

Risk Factor For It

Having asthma may increase risk of it. Cigarette smoke, humidity, air pollution, perfumes, colognes, cold temperatures, hair sprays,fume, chemicals can also trigger or worsen this condition.


There are several ways to treat allergic rhinitis including medications, alternative medicines and home remedies. Antihistamines can be taken to prevent the body from releasing histamine. Decongestants can be used over a short period, to relieve nasal congestion. Long-term use of decongestants can cause a rebound effect. It means that the symptoms that have been stopped before will worsen. If you have any heart disease, anxiety or high blood pressure, talk to your doctor before use a decongestant. Eye drops and nasal sprays can also relax your allergy- related symptoms.


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