12 Practical Applications That Make Our Skin Look Better

12 Practical Applications That Make Our Skin Look Better

We’re all trying to make our skin better. It does not necessarily have to have big problems; We try many products and methods to keep the skin clean, firm, smooth and youthful. Here are skin care recommendations that can be made completely free of charge or at home.

Ice application

By the time of summer, ice can often be applied to the skin. One of the secrets of the tight skin of famous models, ice, pores expanding from the summer heat. You can prepare ice with lemon or soda instead of water.

Facial massage

Celebrities owe the beauty of their skin to the message they often make. The internet is full of videos explaining how to do the right facial massage. Moreover, there is no need for time. You can soak your morning or evening moisturizing cream with a little massage.

Face yoga

You can also learn how to do facial exercises through various videos. Just like the body, the facial muscles are effective in tightening and delaying aging.

Clean towels

The use of clean towels provides a great benefit in skin cleansing. No need to waste paper towels, face towels should be special to you and you should change frequently.

Clean and soft pillowcase

In fact, sleeping with the pillow, all sleeping positions except supine harmful to the skin. However, if you can not give up, you should choose from the pillow models that will do the least harm to your face. The pillowcases should also be soft and clean. You can often replace your pillow with replacement covers, even if you have a less frequent replacement of sheets.


Since the pouch is not known in the world, the choice of celebrities is a hot bath. The steam bath and pouch open the pores, help to get rid of dead skin and renew the skin

Wash face with cold water

According to beauticians, there is no need to apply any more products to the skin in the morning. Just wash your face with water.

Drink plenty of water

Needless to say in the current months, but drinking water to improve the texture of the skin is great. You should drink more water, especially if you have scaly areas on your skin.

Clean the phone

Our phones are much dirtier than we think, and as the skin touches, bacteria pass through. The phone needs to be cleaned gently every day, if possible.

 Use Hat

Accessories, such as hats, sunglasses, which have just been transformed into a style actually they help protect the skin from the sun.

Sleep Well

For a nice sleep, it is not necessarily an 8-hour sleep or similar cliche situations. Good sleep means quality sleep, which is very difficult nowadays with electronic devices. One hour before sleep, getting away from electronic devices, pulling the chips in the room where you sleep; quality sleep today.

To make face masks from household materials.


This honey becomes lemon, yogurt becomes yeast; many materials in the house are ideal for making face masks, and most of the masks on the market are powerful enough to make stones.


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