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10 Benefits of Turmeric Plant for Your Body


Turmeric benefits

Turmeric is a flowering plant that has been being used in India for medicine, cooking, dyeing, and cosmetics for thousands of years. Here, we preview 10 of its amazing benefits for the human body.


  • Got an inflammation? Take a curcumin drink

Curcumin is a powder derived from the rhizomes (roots) of turmeric. It has a goldish yellow color with a peculiar odor and a smooth touching sensation. On top of all of this, it also helps reduce inflammation. The one advantage curcumin has over conventional anti-inflammatory substances is that it does not entail gastric side effects; which can in the extreme cases accumulate fatally.

  • Just had a surgery? Take turmeric

Turmeric accelerates recovery after operations. It boosts immunity and stops microbes helping protect your vulnerable post-operation body from infections.
Moreover, it helps the scars your surgery just left on your skin heal faster and the tiresome your surgery left you in fade out quicker.

  • Having troubles after eating? Turmeric can ease it up

Turmeric can protect your stomach from disorders in your digestion and even relieve bloating. Additionally, as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, it keeps your stomach safe from the infections of bacteria.

  • Want your bones to last long? Curcumin helps

Curcumin was found to beat anti-arthritic drugs, hence being more effective in osteoarthritis. It effectively prevents the bones from getting lost and and their tissues from falling apart.

  • Got a bone broken? Turmeric paste and milk can get you back to your feet faster

You just need to add some of the cream to the area of the fracture and turmeric will do its job. Drinking it turmeric milk can also make the healing faster.

  • Got anemia? Turmeric would neutralize it

As an antioxidant, it balances out the antioxidant defences that anemia entails. Turmeric as well is rich in iron (but do not take curcumin for anemia – it will make it worse).

  • You are depressed? Turmeric can cheer you up

It is found to be as effective in treating depression as Prozac. Its golden yellow color is on its own enough to make you happier. In fact, in some temples in India, worshippers developed a practice of throwing turmeric powder at each other in an all-yellow cheerful scene.

  • Want to keep your memory for old age? Curcumin would prevent Alzheimer for you

It would also boost your memory and restore the function of your brain if it is damaged and help treat your Alzheimar if it got too late already.

  • Turmeric would keep your lungs warm and healthy

It is an old tradition in Indian houses to always have Turmeric milk in case someone catches a cold or is coughing. Some people also inhale the fumes of turmeric lit on fire to relieve their congested noses.
Curcumin also helps with asthma widening your breathing capacity and cleaning your airway breathing tubes. More and more, if you let nicotine from cigarettes pollute your lungs and cause you oxidative stress, curcumin can counter this oxidation.

  • Got too hard on your liver? Turmeric can help

If your liver is suffering from the consequences of your consumption of drugs, alcohol, and other poisonous compounds, Turmeric would keep you protected.
In all, this ancient, natural plant and its derivatives are all too helpful for your body on the inside and the outside. There is no reason you would keep your household empty of it. It even deserves to be present with you as a form of appreciation to the too many favors it has made humanity since its early steps.


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